COVID-19 (Heard of it yet?)

When the severity and urgency of this outbreak hit last week, we were prepared – and so were our clients. Since we deal exclusively with financial institutions, we knew we would be sending multiple alerts, updates, notices, etc. 

And send we did: more than 3 million COVID-related messages as of Friday March 20th.

When banks absolutely need to get in touch with all customers fast, email comes to the forefront. In combination with other channels such as websites, social media and phone apps, the message is getting out. While there are common components, each bank has its own unique audience, messaging, reassurances, workarounds and calls-to-action. And these remain in flux as new information emerges. 

Being able to craft and send messages like these provides financial institutions a much needed sense of “control.” Getting the word out one-to-one, in their own words, is important and reassuring in itself. While there’s no guarantee that email is read by every single subscriber, we are seeing strong open rates. (We’ll be doing a deep-dive analysis of these campaigns in the near future.) 

As a long-time service provider to the banking industry, ClickRSVP is humbled to be part of this unique and critical effort. We’ll continue to help and deliver as many messages as needed to help calm nerves and protect general well-being.

But we are really look forward to sending an “All Clear” message when that day comes. In the meantime, be safe and stay vigilant and healthy. More to come as the situation continues to evolve…

P.S.- If you’re experiencing difficulty reaching your customers by email, please contact us. We’ll be happy to provide a quick assessment to help at no charge.