Email Marketing Built Around Your Needs

No matter where you are in your email marketing efforts,
ClickRSVP can take you where you need to go.

Unlike DIY services, we begin with your needs and goals, and leverage our deep experience of what works, based on our two decades of serving hundreds of financial institutions. You can rely on our professional IT team and proven platforms to ensure your data is synchronized across all systems and business lines.

I need to…
To speak to a live, experienced person when planning a complex project. >>>

ClickRSVP can deliver…

An experienced team that works exclusively with bank email and automation. With ClickRSVP, there’s always a dedicated expert ready to help you solve problems and achieve your goals.

To spend less time uploading files and personalizing content. >>>

ClickRSVP can deliver…

Automation tools that connect with virtually all bank systems, allowing easy file synchronization that will save you hours every week. And, with dynamic personalization, messages can be customized and personalized to achieve better results.

To reach all my customers when needed – even if they’ve opted out of marketing messages. >>>

ClickRSVP can deliver…

A layered preferences system, and (custom) selective identification of opt-outs eligible to receive a critical operational message.

A simple way to build and test mobile responsive messages and templates. >>>

ClickRSVP can deliver…

A “Drag ‘n Build” editor for creating professional messages for both desktop and mobile devices. You also have access to a full library of royalty-free images and financial content.

Personalized messages by product and branch managers. >>>

ClickRSVP can deliver…

A Banker Badge system that allows messages to be sent from any branch or business line manager and includes photos, contact information, and signatures.

Marketing automation without having to manage or pay for another platform and silo. >>>

ClickRSVP can deliver…

More than a decade of experience in marketing automation. Unlike “inbound marketing” services that are geared to website visitors and B2B contacts, our platform integrates with your entire customer universe, making it ideal for onboarding, cross-sell programs, targeted campaigns, PLUS sales support.


Yup, we can do that

Email Services

  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns
  • Onboarding Programs
  • Operational Messages
  • Trigger/Event-driven Campaigns
  • List Management
  • Newsletter — Consumer, Business, Wealth
  • Events and Invitations
  • Cross-sell & Matrix Messaging
  • Transactional Messages
  • Marketing Automation (banker programs)
  • Multi-track Preference Center
  • Alerts
  • A/B Testing / Re-mailing
  • Real-Time Dynamic Email Widgets
  • Full-scope Reporting
  • CAN-SPAM and GLBA Compliant
  • Regulator-vetted platforms
  • Defined User Roles and Permissions
  • Pro-Grade Automated Surveys
  • Direct Response Email

Email Technology

  • In-house platforms optimized and time-tested for financial institutions
  • Security package, with SOC-2 and other documents
  • Automated bi-directional file synchronization
  • API and Web Service integrations for transactional notices
  • Privacy Notices
  • E-Statement Notices
  • Non-Delivery reports
  • Custom Reporting
  • Enrollment confirmations (ApplePay, BillPay, etc.)
  • Rewards Program notifications and activity statements
  • CD Maturity Renewals
  • Opt-out and bounce-out synchronization with external systems
  • Custom data processing (business rules)
  • Operational messages to previously opted-out subscribers

Professional Services

  • Email program audits and redesign
  • Template design/re-design: fully responsive, scalable, fluid-hybrid & mobile
  • Strategic consultation and tactical planning
  • Proactive program management
  • Training and Implementation
  • ROI analytics
  • Integrating email with digital marketing and direct mail efforts
  • Best practices/compliance consultation and documentation
  • Custom content
  • Landing pages and micro-sites
  • Merger / acquisition communications
  • Scheduled program reviews and reports
  • Email delivery optimization (SPF, DKIM, DMARC), and reputation analysis
  • Approved for Pre-Screen credit bureau offers and programs
  • Overdraft Protection (Reg-E) programs