Unique. Value. Proposition.

​Remember the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) aka Unique Value Proposition?

Sounds kind of quaint by today’s standards of “trusted partner” relationships. As we enter a new year, it’s logical to reflect on where ClickRSVP needs to be over the next few years. Sixteen years ago, when email was not even on anyone’s marketing radar, nevermind budget, we had to “sell” the proposition and value of this new communication tool. We were certainly unique then. 

These days, with so many vendors, behemoths, partners, experts, dabblers, metrics, studies, opinions, and flavors-of-the day jumping on the email bandwagon, it becomes more difficult to define (and sustain) a Unique Value Proposition. In reality, that makes it more important than ever, as you – our client and prospective client – need to answer the question: “Why ClickRSVP?” 

Unique. People often ask why ClickRSVP remains exclusively focused on email and on financial institutions. Why not broaden our scope and offerings? (Full disclosure – we do offer a great integrated survey tool, and we also provide email content, if that counts.) The answer is deceptively simple. We believe in the “Do One thing, Do It Well” concept. It’s what makes us unique among so many direct and indirect competitors. It’s not for everyone, but it’s right for us and it allows us to provide superior service and expertise that our clients (and team) truly appreciate.

Value. Being unique by itself is not enough. Here, the word “value” cuts both ways. If you truly value your email program and what it can do for your institution, why entrust it to a vendor with thousands or millions of non-financial customers? Or to a shop that offers dozens of services, including the occasional email program?  It’s a choice, and with email becoming more critical in customer engagement, it’s one that’s worthy of some consideration. Our value proposition includes many intangibles that come from working with a proven, reliable partner with the deep experience that comes from “doing one thing and doing it well.” 

Proposition. Once again, it’s simple: email is your direct connection to your customers and engaged prospects. That makes it one of the most important tools in your marketing program. And it makes your email database incredibly valuable. A list of 20,000 customers emails can translate into a $1.6 million asset, using lifetime value metrics. (Contact me for details, if you want to walk though the exercise.) 

I propose to you that email requires the same attention and energy (if not more so) as your digital and social channels. Further, investing in email, rather than treating it as a miscellaneous expense, will yield substantial and measurable results. We know, because we do it and see it every day.  So, if your email program is not performing at the level you expect and hear about in the news, consider partnering with the email team that does one thing, and does it well. 

Where does ClickRSVP need to be in 2017 and beyond? Right here… doing some amazing things with email for you, our financial institution clients. Here’s to a great New Year.

Ray Parenteau
​President and Founder