“We’re Still Here!”

| Heather Lewis – SVP, eMarketing Services |​

We’re still here! We’re still here! We’re still here!

To take a line from Tom Brady’s recent pre-game rally speech…

No, we don’t liken ourselves to the formidable dynasty that is the New England Patriots. But, we are a different kind of team.  The keyword here is team. While the flashy platforms with ‘all the things’ are all the rage on the DIY stage – we’re still here…as a solid team with staying power, delivering much more than a platform.

When clients allow us to work as an extension of their marketing department, as their email team, we become a trusted partner, advisor and, something often underrated… we are their institutional memory.

What’s institutional memory? Well, here’s an example – we began working with a particular bank in 2009. Ten years later, we’re still thrilled to be working with them. And in that time, there have been 13 folks regularly involved in the email program that have come and gone, along with a few others involved on a secondary level.  Now, 10 years later, there is not one person at the bank who’s been involved in the email program since the very beginning. Except for us.

That’s institutional memory.  We know why things were done a certain way, or perhaps, why things were not done. We know the challenges they’ve historically faced and the previous successes to build upon.

Because this particular client has always valued working with us as an extension of their team, the impact of turnover on their email program, while felt, has been far less disruptive than it could have been for them.

We’re still here …to help you “do your job”.
We’re still here… and I personally have 11 years of email correspondence tucked away to prove it (which my IT team just loves BTW ?) .

We’re still here… after 18 years in business. (Hey, isn’t that about when the Patriots dynasty got started? Just sayin’…)

Play on.